The Path from Aspiration to Transformation

Coaching Services

Transformation is a process, not an event. We offer personalized professional development designed around YOUR goals and needs.

Leadership Strategy Sessions

Let's figure out where you're going and why you want to get there. Why is your end goal student-centric learning? What data can we collect to measure what you value? Together we'll create a Theory of Action to share urgency with others and get the ball rolling.

Coaching & on-going support

We're with you every step of the way. We take you through a key stakeholder readiness assessment, leadership strategy sessions, cascading training/professional development, on-site coaching, and on-going support through 1-2 years.

Personalized Professional Development

We start with developing a growth mindset for leaders, teachers and students. Then, we design, plan, and lead professional development to support key instructional strategies in personalization, and align those strategies to Professional Progress Goals to support educator growth initiatives.

About Us

Activate Pathways provides coaching and professional development for districts aspiring to implement learner-centric, personalized learning.
Our mission is to create future-ready leaders at all levels in your school district.
Activate Pathways is a coaching team that guides schools and districts through their journey toward student-centric learning. This change in mindset and culture is tough, but our Activators have successfully implemented this transformational change on all levels - for teachers, instructional coaches, and district administrators. All sessions are based on your unique goals and needs, because learning is not a set of fixed methods or checklists. It's about understanding where you are now and where you want to be. We specialize in human-centered design thinking and perform a deep dive of your organization's mission, vision and values for students, teachers and leaders. We focus on building relationships, engaging all members, and using effective communication. Our coaches will explore high-level personalized learning instructional practices with your team and develop a Theory of Action with measurable steps to shift practices with formative feedback. From there, we provide on-going support and coaching to build and sustain momentum within your organization.
Paul Kaiser


Director of Coaching & Founder
As an educator at heart for 20 years, Paula has taught in classrooms, led a NextGen school as the Instructional Coach, and witnessed district-wide change as a Personalized Learning Coordinator. Paula has firsthand experience of the power of student-centric learning and knows that - when successfully implemented - the other academic measurements will follow.


Our Activators are the coaches who will work with you and support you throughout your path from Aspiration to Transformation.
John Schlender crop
As the 3-8 principal at Mayville Middle School, John is leading the district to successful transformation through personalized learning. John has received training in coach centric leadership through iPEC, and is passionate about facilitating the growth and leadership potential of others.
Rachel Schemelin
As a Director of Instructional Technology, Rachel is passionate about creating opportunities to prepare students for careers of the future, and focuses on using innovation and technology to transform teaching and personalize learning.
As a teacher for 10 years, Sarah excels at integrating technology into her lessons to personalize learning. She was the 2014 Kohl Fellowship recipient and honored as Wisconsin’s 2015 Elementary Teacher of the Year, and is now a Teacher of the Year Council member.
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Chad spent 16 years as a teacher and the past 3 as an Academic Dean. He's energized by the opportunity to work side-by-side with teachers and building leaders. His student-centered focus encourages students to see what's possible for them and develop the skills they need to reach their potential.
John Schlender crop
Keshia is the Director of Technology Integration for the Merrill Area Public School District. She has previously worked as an educator and technology integration specialist, and loves the opportunity to merge her two passions to meet the needs of 21st century learners.
Rachel Schemelin
As a Director of Innovation & Continuous Improvement, Curt creates learning designs that are responsive to learners in the new century. He previously served as a curriculum director and building administrator, and is a researcher for Personalization in Practice at UW-Madison.
Tracy is the principal at Walker Elementary in the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District. Prior to that, she served as a K-12 coordinator and taught 4th-6th grade for 20 years. Tracy is a national board certified master teacher.
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Scott is a special education teacher who spent four years in MRP/EBD rooms and three years at Browndeer School District. He believes the way to impact learners is through authentic relationships, and builds bridges with students, parents and peers to connect and lead them in powerful ways.
As a teacher at WAWM for 4 years, Natalie has taught K-5 students in multi-age classrooms by using technology, a seminar-workshop model, team teaching and more, all in an effort to personalize learning and help students find their voice.


Our partners, networks and communities play key roles in providing supportive resources, thought leadership, and showcasing excellent examples of the successful movement from aspiration to transformation.


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